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IPAID collects Capability Data Series from developing countries to carry out research on multidimensional poverty under name of “Capability Data Series”. Capability Data Series have been conducted in Nepal and Ethiopia, and is currently being collected in Vietnam and the Amhara region of Ethiopia.
The purpose of Capability Data Series is to index regional level poverty in developing countries in terms of multi-dimensional poverty (MPI) and to conduct comparative studies on poverty. This data will be used as useful tools for verifying and comparing the effectiveness of development projects since the survey was conducted in the areas where different international development projects are conducted.
These multidimensional poverty capacity datas consist of data on income, child education, living environment and living standards, agriculture, agricultural production, social capital, governance, individual autonomy, health and health literacy. 
Year Country  Field  Contents
2015 Ethiopia Capability Visit Survey in Simret, Ethiopia (심렛지역 방문조사)
2017 Nepal Capability Nepal Tikapur IPAID Household Survey Data
2018 토대연구 조직 및 주민 1차년도 공동체, 기업가정신, 지역경제활성화 인과성 규명을 위한 설문조사
2019 Ethiopia Capability Ethiopia IPAID Household Survey Data
2019 토대연구 조직 및 주민 2차년도 공동체, 기업가정신, 지역경제활성화 인과성 규명을 위한 설문조사
2021 Ethiopia Capability Continued 

Please contact us by following e-mail regarding specific information and usage of the data. 
Email : ipaid@yonsei.ac.kr