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  • We work to alleviate global poverty and to promote international development cooperation. We encourage partnerships across disciplines, societies, and countries.

  • We advocate a more inclusive and sustainable world. We contribute to reducing the gap between developed and developing nations.

  • We help communities to empower themselves. We support them to find ways for local innovation and value creation.
  • Poverty alleviation and sustainable development calls for a multidisciplinary approach based on closer collaboration between people involved in social sciences, healthcare, biomedical technology, environmental studies, humanities, and data science.

  • Global goals are locally implemented. Our glocal approach emphasizes that members of local communities become change-makers and lead the problem solving and innovation process of their communities.

  • Our future-oriented approach enables us to have a long term perspective in establishing poverty alleviation and development strategies. We observe and analyze long term changes and their consequences. We provide education and training for building future generation leadership.