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United Nations and Partners on Millennium Development Goals
The World Bank : www.worldbank.org
United Nations Development Programme : www.undp.org/mdg/
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific : www.unescap.org
United Nations Millennium Campaign : www.endpoverty2015.org
United Nations Millennium Development Goals : www.un.org/millenniumgoals
World Food Programme : www.wfp.org
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations : www.fao.org
International Labour Organization : www.ilo.org
Poverty Reduction in ADB : www.adb.org/Poverty/default.asp
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) : www.ifad.org
Africa Renewal : www.un.org/africarenewal
Economic Commission on Africa : www.uneca.org
Social Business
Five Talents : www.fivetalents.org.uk
Omidyar Network : www.omidyar.com
Poverty Research Centers
Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) : http://www.akdn.org/
UC David Center for Poverty Research : http://poverty.ucdavis.edu/
Brooks World Poverty Institute : www.bwpi.manchester.ac.uk
Center for Study of Urban Poverty : www.csup.ucla.edu
Centre for Population, Poverty and Public Policy Studies : www.ceps.lu
Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre : www.childhoodpoverty.org
Chronic Poverty Research Centre : www.chronicpoverty.org
Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation & Poverty : www.migrationdrc.org
Institute for Developing Nations : www.idn.emory.edu
Institute for Research on Poverty : www.irp.wisc.edu
Institute on Race and Poverty : www.irpumn.org
International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth : www.undp-povertycentre.org
International Poverty Reduction Center in China : www.iprcc.org
Joblessness and Urban Poverty Research Program : www.ksg.harvard.edu/urbanpoverty
MDRC : www.mdrc.org
National Center for Children in Poverty : www.nccp.org
National Poverty Center : www.npc.umich.edu
Southern Poverty Law Center : www.splcenter.org
Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute : www.spii.org.za
The Comparative Research Programme on Poverty : www.crop.org
The Poverty Institute : www.povertyinstitute.org
The Poverty Research Unit at Sussex : www.sussex.ac.uk/Units/PRU
The Stanford Center for Poverty and Inequality : www.stanford.edu/group/scspi-dev/index.html
The Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research : www.bris.ac.uk/poverty
University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research : www.ukcpr.org
Urban Institute : www.urban.org
West Coast Poverty Center : www.wcpc.washington.edu
Center for Global Development : www.cgdev.org
UK Department for International Development : www.dfid.gov.uk
Policy and Research Institutes
Poverty Action Lab : www.povertyactionlab.org
Innovaton for Poverty Action : www.poverty-action.org
Center for the Study of African Economies : www.csae.ox.ac.uk
CLASP : www.clasp.org
FONDAD Forum on Debt and Development : www.fondad.org
Institute for Policy Research : www.northwestern.edu/ipr
Institute of Developing Economies - Japan External Trade Organization : www.ide.go.jp/English/index.html
Luxembourg Income Study : www.lisproject.org
Overseas Development Institute : www.odi.org.uk
The Brookings Institute : www.brookings.edu
The Centre for International Governance Innovation : www.cigionline.org
The Earth Institute : www.earth.columbia.edu
The International Development Research Centre : www.idrc.ca/en/ev-1-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html
The Research Forum on Children, Families, and the New Federalism : www.researchforum.org
Young Lives - An International Study of Childhood Poverty : www.younglives.org.uk
JICA Research Institute : www.jica-ri.jica.go.jp
Asian Rural Institute : www.ari-edu.org/english/
The Aspen Institute : www.aspeninstitute.org
International Food Policy Research institute : www.ifpri.org
The South African Institute of International Affairs : www.saiia.org.za
AfBIS : www.afbis.com
National Website of the United Republic of Tanzania : www.tanzania.go.tz
NGOs and NPOs
NGOabroad (International Careers & Volunteering) : www.ngoabroad.com
ActionAid : www.actionaid.org
Aid for Africa : www.aidforafrica.org
CARE : www.care.org
Conservation Through Poverty Alleviation : www.cpali.org
End Poverty India : www.endpovertyindia.org
End Water Poverty : www.endwaterpoverty.org
International Center for Alleviation of Poverty, Inc. : www.povertyalleviation.org
International Lawyers and Economists Against Poverty : www.ileap-jeicp.org
Millennium Promise : www.millenniumpromise.org
Peak 4 Poverty : www.peak4poverty.org
Research on Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania : www.repoa.or.tz
The European Network on Debt and Development : www.eurodad.org
The OECD Development Centre : www.oecd.org
Acumen Fund : www.oecd.org
Ayala Foundation : www.ayalafoundation.org
BRAC : www.brac.net
Gawad Kalinga : www.gk1world.com
The New Partnership for Africa's Development(NEPAD) : www.nepad.org
Acumen Fund : www.acumenfund.org
The Economic Commission for Africa : www.uneca.org
The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes : www.accord.org.za
Africa Union : www.africa-union.org
East African Community Portal : www.eac.int
Economic Community Of West African States : www.ecowas.int
The Southern African Development Community : www.sadc.int
Journal of Children and Poverty : www.icpny.org/jcp
Journal of Poverty : www.informaworld.com/smpp
Poverty and Public Policy : www.psocommons.org/ppp
Africa Online : www.africaonline.com
Africa Intelligence : www.africaintelligence.com
Campaigns Against Poverty
Make Poverty History : www.makepovertyhistory.org
ONE Campaign : www.one.org/international
The Global Poverty Project : www.globalpovertyproject.com
Vibrant Communities - Poverty Reduction Across Canada : www.tamarackcommunity.ca/g2.php
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