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Project Malawi (말라위 프로젝트) : www.project-malawi.org
Africa Future Foundation (아프리카 미래재단) : www.africaff.org
Merry Year International (열매나눔재단) : www.merryyear.org
Re-shaping Development Institute (글로벌발전연구원) : www.redi.re.kr
Korea Association of International Development and Cooperation (국제개발협력학회) : www.kaidec.org
Against Poverty and Inequality (지구촌빈곤퇴치시민네트워크) : www.endpoverty.or.kr
Social Welfare Society (대한사회복지회) : www.sws.or.kr/english/main.php
Gangwon Provincial Office (강원도청) : www.provin.gangwon.kr
Hyundai Research Institute (HRI: 현대경제연구원) : www.hri.co.kr
Korea Development Institute (KDI: 한국개발연구원) : www.kdi.re.kr
Korean Economic Research Institute (KERI: 한국경제연구원) : www.keri.org
Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA: 한국보건사회연구원) : www.kihasa.re.kr
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP: 대외경제정책연구원) : www.kiep.go.kr
Korea Institute for Public Administration (KIPA: 한국행정연구원) : www.kipa.re.kr
Korea Institute for Public Finance (KIPF: 한국조세연구원) : www.kipf.re.kr
Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA: 한국국제협력단) : www.koica.go.kr
Korea Labor Institute (KLI: 한국노동연구원) : www.kli.re.kr
Korea Research and Consulting Institute on Poverty (한국빈곤문제연구소: KRCIP) : www.poverty21.com.ne.kr
Korea Research Institute for Local Administration (KRILA: 한국지방행정연구원) : www.krila.re.kr
Korean Social Policy Institute (KSPI: 한국사회정책연구원) : www.kspi.kr
Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI: 한국여성정책연구원) : www.kwdi.re.kr
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT: 외교통상부) : www.mofat.go.kr
Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF: 여성가족부) : www.mogef.go.kr
Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW: 보건복지부) : www.mohw.go.kr
Ministry of Public Administration and Security (MOPAS: 행정안전부) : www.mopas.go.kr
Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF: 기획재정부) : www.mosf.go.kr
National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF: 한국연구재단) : www.nrf.go.kr
Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI: 삼성경제연구소) : www.seri.org
Unite for Children (UNICEF: 유니세프한국위원회) : www.unicef.or.kr
Wonju City Hall (원주시청) : www.wonju.go.kr
UNWTO ST-EP Foundation Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty : www.unwtostep.org
KBSWorld net (KBS 월드넷) : www.kbsworld.net/africa
Two Africa (2얼굴의 아프리카) : www.2africa.net
Africa Cultural Center (아프리카 문화원) : africaculturalcenter.com
Africa Specialist Network (국정원 아프리카 전문가 네트워크) : www.asn.go.kr
Institute for Poverty Alleviation and International Development (IPAID) at Yonsei University
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