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Economic Crisis, Neoliberal Reforms, and the Rise of Precarious Work in South Korea
Requires a subscription or access through a school library. Written by Prof. Kwang-Yeong Shin.05.16 16:38
South Korea: High in money, but low in happiness?
Searching for the link between money and happiness.04.11 12:06
Poverty in the Midst of Plenty: Unmet Needs and Distribution of Health Care Resources in South Korea
Available in HTML format as well as a downloadable file.03.22 14:47
Changing Trends of Work in South Korea: The Rapid Growth of Underemployment and Job Insecurity (2006)
Abstract: This article examines how the nature of work has changed since the 1997 financial crisis in South Korea. We demonstrate that a majority of workers now have become irregular workers, how peoples' perception of work has changed, and how the changing trends of work have impacted the quality of life. Keywords:Korea, financial crisis, work, employment, underemployment03.05 12:35
Poverty increasing among the elderly
Two articles, one from the Korean Herald and one from the New York Times regading increased poverty among South Korea's eldery and increasing suicide rates related to that.02.20 14:00
2010년-2012년 상반기 빈곤 및 분배 분기 통계- 한국빈곤문제연구소
제1장 절대소득 빈곤과 상대소득 빈곤 ························· 8 제1절 절대소득 빈곤 ··············································· 8 제2절 상대소득 빈곤 ·············································· 11 제2장 인구 유형별 빈곤 ···················...02.07 11:50
한국의 분배빈곤동향과 복지정책방향 - 한국빈곤문제연구소
한국의 분배 ․ 빈곤상황과 복지정책방향 Ⅰ. 현 사회경제 여건과 복지체제 상황 Ⅱ. 한국의 분배 및 빈곤동향 1. 성장 과실의 배분과 가계소득 분포 2. 분배지표 동향 3. 빈곤율 동향 Ⅱ. 고용 및 복지정책의 문제점과 개선방안 1. 고용정책의 문제점과 개선방안 2. 기초보장제도의 문제점과 개선방향 3. 근로장려세제의 문제점과 개선방안 4. 기초노령연금 문제점과 개선방안 5. ...02.06 19:35
What to Expect of the Poverty Reduction Strategy
권덕철 (보건복지부 복지정책관) 빈곤정책제도개선기획단에 바란다: 우리 빈곤현실에 부합하는 한국형 빈곤정책 모델 제시를 바라며08.11 14:27
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