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Mobile Phones and Economic Development in Africa
Written by J.C. Aker and I.M Mbiti. June 1, 2010.05.10 13:57
Geography, Demography, and Economic Growth in Africa
Written by: David E. Bloom, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Paul Collier and Christopher Udry. Published in 1998.05.10 13:43
무력 혁명 대신 선거로 민주주의에 한 걸음씩 … 봄바람 부는 아프리카- 2013.04.01 중앙일보
사하라 이남 ‘굿 거버넌스’ 열풍 오바마, 4개국 정치 발전에 찬사 세네갈 평화적 정권교체 모범국 나이지리아선 오일 개혁 기대감 기사원본 http://joongang.joinsmsn.com/article/aid/2013/04/01/10699665.html?cloc=olink|article|default04.01 15:14
Exploiting the Poor: Bureaucratic Corruption and Poverty in Africa
Abstract: Corruption is a major source of slow development in Africa – the poorest region of the world. While extant research has focused on the causes and consequences of corruption at the macro-level, less effort has been devoted to understanding the micro-foundation of corruption, as well as the mechanisms through which poverty may be related to corruption and bribery. In this paper, we develop a simp...03.22 15:12
Funding development in Rwanda: the survivors' perspective
Abstract: Why has the humanitarian world already forgotten the people of Rwanda? And why do the survivors of the Rwandan genocide continue to be sidelined, particularly those women who were raped and deliberately infected with HIV/AIDS in a campaign of systematic sexual violence? The focus of humanitarian organisations shifted from Rwanda after 1994, and these women – most of whom have to maintain their hou...02.22 14:04
르완다 기본정보
르완다 기본정보02.06 21:49
모잠비크 기본정보
모잠비크 기본정보02.06 21:48
[기고/박은하]한국戰 파병했던 에티오피아… 무엇을 어떻게 도울 것인가
6·25전쟁 때 멀고도 낯선 나라의 자유를 지키고자 군대를 파병했던 에티오피아. 이제는 우리가 그 나라의 빈곤퇴치와 개발을 지원하기 위한 전략을 마련코자 에티오피아를 방문했다. 에티오피아 정부 관계자들과 정책협의를 갖기 전에 한국국제협력단(KOICA) 사업 현장들을 둘러보았다. 농촌협력사업 대상지인 불차냐 마을은 수도 아디스아바바에서 3시간 정도 떨어진 시골 마을이다...05.07 13:58
Assessing Regional Integration in Africa
Download http://www.uneca.org/aria01.23 17:09
Striving for Good Governance in Africa
Download http://www.uneca.org/eca_resources/publications/books/agr/index.htm01.23 17:08
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