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제3회 아시아 사회적기업 국제학술대회: Seaching for Motives, Models and Measurement

The 3rd International Conference on Social Economy in Asia
“Searching for Motives, Models and Measurment”
Jeongui Hall, Yonsei University Wonju Campus
July 4~6, 2014
Today, Asia is emerging as one of the regions where diverse forms of social enterprise and social economy are
thriving most vigorously. Various kinds of social enterprises, cooperatives, non-profit organizations and social
entrepreneurs are opening up new directions for the future of Asian societies and pioneering creative ways for
social development.
Alongside the development of these realities, scientific works also have developed with a view to understanding
and promoting these new initiatives and concepts. Since 2008, a group of researchers on social enterprise and
social economy research in the Asian region have organized various forms of exchange and cooperation, for
instance, a special issue of Social Enterprise Journal coordinated by Professor Defourny and Professor Yu-Yuan
Kuan. In line with the two previous international conferences that had been organized in Taipei (Taiwan) in 2010
and in Tianjin (China) in 2012, the 3rd International Conference on Social Enterprise in Asia (ICSEA) will pursue the
process of building a scientific community of researchers working on social enterprise and the social economy in
the Asian region.
However, this third conference implements two significant innovations. First, it enlarges its geographical scope,
beyond East Asian countries, to the whole Asian region, including South and West Asian and Pacific countries. This
was possible thanks to joint initiative with EMES research network and ICSEM project. Secondly, by opening up to
all researchers, including PhD students who want to join this dynamic, it takes an important step towards building
an open and solid scientific community on social enterprise and social economy research in Asia.
The ICSEM Project was launched in July 2013 under the auspices of the EMES International Research Network,
at the end of the 4th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise, which gathered 320
researchers from 40 countries at the University of Liege, Belgium. The main specific feature of the ICSEM Project
is its geographic coverage: it aims to compare social enterprise models and their respective institutionalisation
processes across the world. Therefore, it relies on the participation of a large number of researchers from all
regions, who contribute country-specific or field-specific analysis of social enterprise models.
The ICSEM Project is jointly coordinated by Jacques Defourny (CES - University of Liege) and Marthe Nyssens
(CIRTES – Catholic University of Louvain). It relies on strong conceptual and theoretical backgrounds as well as on
methodological tools which are described in the full presentation of the Project, available on the Project’s website:
> Hosting Organizations
Institute for Poverty Alleviation and International Development (IPAID), Yonsei University
BK21PLUS Team on International Development and Social Economy, Yonsei University
Gangwon Provincial Government
Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency (KOSEA)
Korea Innovation and Decentralization Academy (KIDA)

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