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Research Centers
Research Center for Regional Development (RCRD)
has been established as the auxiliary research center of the College of Government and Business and the Graduate School of Government and Business at Yonsei University. It aims to promote creative research by faculty and researchers, and also to encourage the synergistic effect of regional development studies through joint research, academic exchanges, and dialogue between different specialty areas. Specifically, RCRD fosters research work through inter-exchanging information, cooperative exchange, and comparative research for regional development of domestic and foreign regions.
이태정 (Prof. Tae Jeong Lee)
Department of Economics
Research Center for Social Enterprise (RCSE)
is composed of faculty and professional researchers at the Business School at the College of Government and Business at Yonsei University. Its research work is focused on social service delivery and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Researchers at RCSE study various business innovation theory including green growth policy, employment, ethical business management, as well as research for the various Industry-Academic Cooperation programs.
송용욱 (Prof. Yong Uk Song)
Division of Business Administration
Research Center for Environment and Technology (RCET)
is composed of faculty and professional researchers at the College of Science & Technology as well as the College of Biological Science & Technology. The center's general research work includes science, technology, economics, and the study of educational institutions in the effort to protect natural resources, address climate change, and promote sustainable development. Researchers seek to combine its research results from different fields with science & technology to accelerate development.
가학현 (Prof. Hak Hyeon Ka)
Division of Biology Science and Technology
Research Center for Health and Medical Sciences (RCHM)
is composed of faculty and professional researchers at the College of Health Sciences. The center uses complex scientific research for the purposes of addressing quality and cost control of medical services, raising the capability of rational health care management, establishing successful health care systems in developing countries, and supporting the development of professional training and educational programs in the health care field.
김춘배 (Prof. Chun Bae Kim)
Medical College
Research Center for International Development (RCID)
is composed of faculty and professional researchers at the East Asia International College. RCID studies international politics, economics, business, and history in the context of social inequality and global poverty. RCID promotes the mutual exchange of ideas and the development of friendly cooperative relationships with developing countries to achieve sustainable national development and to find solutions to alleviating poverty through economic and social development.
신상범 (Prof. Sang Bum Shin)
Department of International Relations
Institute for Poverty Alleviation and International Development (IPAID) at Yonsei University
1, Yonseidae-gil, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea
강원도 원주시 연세대길1 연세대학교 원주캠퍼스 정의관 316호 빈곤문제국제개발연구원
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