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Mission and Goals
IPAID 's Purpose and Mission
  • Alleviate poverty and promote sustainable international development in developing nations
  • Develop projects and programs for regional development and growth
  • Contribute to the development of underdeveloped societies
IPAID's Goals
  • Innovative research on poverty alleviation and international development
  • Advocacy through conferences, forums, workshops, and other mediums
  • Cooperation with other organizations that work on poverty alleviation at home and abroad
  • Creation of a network and utilization of a resource database of leading poverty reduction experts and professionals.
  • Development and operation of programs for speeding-up development in underdeveloped countries through the cultivation of ideas and shared experiences
IPAID Development Program
    Initial Operation (1~5 years After the establishment)
  • To devise methods of research on poverty alleviation
  • To set manpower planning
  • To establish the operational system
  • Creating a network with other Korean or international
  • To proceed with the key projects
  • To develop a well-subscribed journal around the world
    Development (5~10 years After the establishment)
  • To establish a system of cooperation with other institutes
  • To expand the network
  • To keep up research on poverty alleviation and regional or international development
  • To continue cooperation in poverty solutions
  • To develop manpower cultivation projects
    Advancement (10 years After the establishment)
  • To effectively operate a funding system
  • To expand the material or human resources network
  • To establish a research hub
  • To upgrade an academic research system
  • To devise and spread a more effective economic and social development strategies
What We Do
  • Academic research, pertinent information exchange, and establishment of cooperative relationships with institutes that work on poverty and international development from around the world.
  • Development and operation of educational programs and development projects:
    - To empower the powerless
    - To train leaders and officials from poor countries
    - To transform student-volunteers into trained activists
    - To provide leadership programs for poverty alleviation in cooperation with the Canaan Farmhand School in Korea
  • Promotion of cultivating and exchanging human resources.
We Seek Partnership and Cooperation in
  • Promoting multi-disciplinary approaches including social sciences, health/medical care, environmental protection, information statistics, and scientific technologies
  • Working with international institutes and experts to identify the causes of poverty and create solutions
  • Knowledge sharing of successful socio-economic development strategies that have worked to lift countries out of extreme poverty
  • Conducting various comparative and regional studies to properly address poverty alleviation and international development
  • Sharing the Korean development experience with other countries
Institute for Poverty Alleviation and International Development (IPAID) at Yonsei University
1, Yonseidae-gil, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea
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